Your Application

The Application Process – The Path to Frequentis

Frequentis (like the applicant) is very keen for the application process to be quick, fair and transparent (for both sides). That also requires a good degree of openness. We’re convinced that this approach is the only way to ensure that we find the employee that’s right for us and you find the position that’s right for you.

As with any other company, it goes without saying that we’re looking for well-educated, qualified job candidates. If we’re to properly evaluate a candidate’s formal credentials, then we need the application to be as comprehensive and informative as possible. However, we also place a lot of emphasis on ensuring that the person behind the application is a good fit for us and our teams.

The Interview is Very Important to Us

We try to make the job selection process a fair one, and want all those involved to discover as quickly as possible whether and how they might work together: the interview between company and applicant plays an important role here.

In principle, the job interview is no longer just about specialist qualifications and technical knowledge. It has much more to do with the “whys” of the application, experience, goals, attitudes and personality. In essence, it’s primarily about discovering whether there is a good fit between the employer and the potential employee. The interview is a dialogue, where both sides are on an equal footing. It’s also a good opportunity for applicants to put Frequentis to the test: there’s likely no better or faster way to find out whether Frequentis is the right employer for you.