Trainee Programs – More Than Training on the Job

If you join Frequentis as a trainee, you’ll be guided by an experienced mentor who will also act as a point-of-contact for any issues or questions you may have. Your mentor and other colleagues will meet with you regularly to offer professional feedback on your work. These meetings are also a good opportunity to develop your business contacts. You’ll also go through a diverse, formal training program, designed specifically to expand your specialist knowledge, strengthen your team skills and improve your leadership qualities.

System Engineering Trainee

The system engineering trainee program is aimed specifically at those graduates who can draw on an IT-based education. You’ll complete a eight-month program designed to give you the specialist skills and knowledge needed to begin working in system engineering, with a special focus on preparing you for the relevant work done at Frequentis. At the end of the program, you’ll be a “Frequentis System Engineer”.

Project Management Trainee 

The 12-month project management trainee program prepares participants for all the tasks required of a project manager at Frequentis. Those applying for the program should have at least two years’ work experience in project management (preferably in the IT or telecommunications sector) and be interested in continuing to expand their skills and expertise in this area. Apply for a trainee program via our careers portal . Those university graduates with a technology degree, very good English and a willingness to work for Frequentis all over the world will have the best chance of being accepted.