Time for a change – make a new start at Frequentis Defense

The people who work at Frequentis tend to be those looking to drive change. People, products and services all have goals, and the future should see them reach these goals more quickly, safely and efficiently than ever before. That’s what the men and women employed throughout Frequentis are working toward. If you share this commitment, we’d like to get to know you better.

Our core competence is the development of communication and information systems for safety-critical applications. Our work with hardware, software, networks and other systems demands various skills. We’re looking for young graduates from technical college or from a university with a strong technical orientation, as well as specialists with appropriate job experience. We also need project leaders who can manage both the technical and financial aspects of the task, and experts who can manage broader business processes within our organization.

We’re interested in men and women who, regardless of their age or origin, are interested in further developing themselves and who can use their skills to help take our company into the future.