About Us

We are FREQUENTIS DEFENSE INC. Our mission is to meet the needs of the Federal Government in the areas of Command Control Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C4ISR).

...flexible systems for an ever-changing world.
Frequentis designs, manufactures and installs voice and data communication systems for air, ground and sea defense, national peace-keeping and disaster relief operations.

Frequentis provides:

  • Technology - We are technology leaders with vast experience in voice and data communication for safety-critical applications.
  • Usability - Decades of usability research means our user interfaces support swift and competent decision making and communication.
  • Coordination and control - Our focus on network and information-sharing capabilities provides inter-operable flexibility for geographically diverse and mobile operations faced by modern defense and security organizations.
  • Reliability - We manufacture systems that perform well under demanding conditions.
  • Flexibility - Our solutions supports both stationary and deployable command and control systems, and can scale and adapt to ever-changing strategic and tactical mission requirements.
  • Efficiency - Our data and communication platforms are especially designed to integrate with existing and future information systems.
  • ...let FDI work with you to determine your specific needs and identify the right solutions.

The Frequentis Defense Team

Frequentis Defense employs a broad range of experts who work tirelessly for you to provide solutions that support safe and efficient operations. These experts come from a variety of fields, including program management, system engineering, electrical engineering, IT, computer science, business, and military backgrounds.

Frequentis Defense – Individual Solutions for Network Enabled Operations

Frequentis Defense offers individual solutions to support Network Enabled Operations and leverage mission effectiveness. Our advanced communication, network and information services enable superior collaboration as well as efficient decision making.

Today and tomorrow, the predominant factors forcing transformation are worldwide multinational operations, asymmetric challenges, an effects-based approach to operations, and the comprehensive approach to security. This transformation encompasses diverse challenges in the domains of people, processes and technology.

Frequentis supports defense and security organizations to master those challenges.

Our solutions help defense and security organizations to migrate towards network enabled capabilities while still protecting their existing technology investments. These solutions are closely linked to customer requirements and meet international civil and military standards.

As a leading provider of integrated control center solutions, we commit ourselves to best usability, high reliability, great scalability as well as to a maximum of cost-effectiveness.

We guide today’s voice and data communication systems towards a service-oriented future where – concurrent with a shift to a “Need to Share” paradigm – secure information sharing is essential.


Individual solutions for joint and combined capabilities

Frequentis Defense supplies individual solutions for joint and combined capabilities, especially for the following market segments:

The comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions covers everything from high-performance communication, network and information services to integrated command center solutions.